About us


Khubee is a concept, floated by a young group of healthcare and pharmaceutical professionals having vast experience in working across borders and territories, with hands-on work experience amongst various healthcare business verticals.

‘Khubee’ in India means ‘Assets and Abilities’. This very much defines Khubee as an organisation. Indian in spirit, but global in its outlook, Khubee’s real asset is its ability to add value to the health of mankind.

This, we achieve through first understanding the needs of the change catalysts, our global customers and partners, who contribute positively to enhance health on this planet day after day, every day. They are our true assets. Once understood, we implement our abilities to translate their needs into product and service availability.

Khubee’s assets also lie in its people, who think out-of-the-box and keep adding incremental innovations into the lifeline of Khubee. These innovations are not limited to contributing towards an NCE, NDDS or a novel route to synthesize a moiety, it also involves innovative thinking for improvement, be it customer satisfaction, business process, product and service delivery.

Khubee’s assets are also the suppliers of products and services, fine chemicals, intermediates, APIs, FDFs, medical devices, project consultations who themselves share a vision to improve health globally and hence understand the international requirements of products and service quality and regulatory compliances. These suppliers synergize their manufacturing and intellectual property capabilities with Khubee and entrust Khubee to offer their value proposition to the Khubee global network.

So, to sum it all, Khubee is a bundling of assets and abilities. Its vision is to use these assets and abilities to touch lives and enhance quality of life globally. We aspire higher, we aspire to grow with our partners, our customers, our suppliers. That’s our Khubee.

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