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Finished Dosage Forms (FDFs):

Khubee Health is well focused on the global needs of patients and gives its partners the access to the immense potential of India as a supplier of FDFs to the global markets.

Advantage India is due to backward integration into API manufacturing and further into intermediates and fine chemicals.

Khubee Health effectively harnesses ‘Strength India’ and offers this potential of to its partners worldwide.

We are focusing on the ever growing therapies of Cardiovascular System (CVS), Central Nervous System (CNS), Anti-allergy segment. Owing to its effective supplier management, we have also positioned ourselves strongly to provide you with products from other therapeutic classes like the cytotoxics, injectibles, hormones, etc.

Khubee Health has also strategized to be in the segment of ‘prevention’ and hence we are very well placed to leverage the fast growing nutritional and food supplement segments. We have strong access for supply of products like soft gel forms, various delivery system based products like mouth dissolving sachets, tablets, effervescent technologies, taste masked pediatric products, etc.

All the above effort is backed by the requisite regulatory readiness, so that our partners can have faster entry into the market.


Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs):

Well known as bulk drugs, these are the active ingredients in various pharmaceuticals presentations like tablets, capsules, liquids, ointments, etc.

India is one of the major producers and suppliers of bulk drugs to the global markets owing to its highly skilled workforce specializing in chemical synthesis, process improvement and cost containment strategies without compromising with quality.

With an indepth understanding of the Indian pharma industry, Khubee Health offers you turnkey solutions for your API needs. We act as a bridge between your organization and the API manufacturer who is especially hand-picked by us in consultation with you for your specific requirements. We are your single point access to the India Bulk Drugs industry, meeting your specific needs, or undertaking turnkey services to offer you the speed and required value addition into your business model.


Intermediates and Fine Chemicals:

These are the building blocks of the APIs/Bulk Drugs and hence are important to be controlled for implementing an effective backward integration strategy. The key lies in newer and more efficient processes minimizing the carbon load on the process and also on the planet.

Our specialization lies in handling products with complex chemistries and chiral compounds to give you non-infringing processes wherever required ensuring a low cost quality product and a faster time-to-market.


In-licensing Services:

India is poised to be amongst the top 5global markets for pharmaceuticals, healthcare, nutraceuticals and food supplements. With the rapid GDP growth India is witnessing, the time to bring your unique product into India is NOW.

Khubee Health is the ideal partner for your organization to get your product into India. We specialize in inlicensing your products and assist you for realizing your India strategy.

Our partners, who are amongst the fastest growing companies in India are looking forward to hear from us regarding niche product candidates to add to their portfolio.

Khubee Health would like to project your products to our marketing and distribution partners in India so that your brand can get maximum market coverage in India.




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